Margarete Fischer Bosch Institute
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Hermann Seul
Hermann Seul (Isola) develop the first mass-produced printed circuit boards in Germany. This was the dawn of pcb manufacturing in Germany and Europe. Pioneer The pcb pioneers Werner Peters

Jennifer Speake
Seiten - Oxford University Press Containing 5,000 idioms, alphabetically arranged by key word, this book covers metaphorical phrases

Roland Gunesch
example, it can be used to send a spaceship to other planets more efficiently. This talk also explains the notions of "entropy" and their connection with time evolution. Prof

Michael Rother
perform at the Electronic Circus Festival in Detmold, Germany. Please order your tickets for this

David Jardin
priorities to offer a software that is as secure as possible, as this plays

York State
State legislature by Assemblyman Steven Otis -- and the bills could pass as early as this

Maria Yturralde
reissued some of the pieces. This piece symbolizes DNA. Jose Maria Yturralde was born in Cuenca in 1942. He has a degree and a Ph D in Fine Arts from

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